Experiments with SNA and ANT

I began the Pericles network with Plutarch's Life of Pericles, but found it was not robust enough. After doing all of Plato for Socrates, I found that Pericles was an important node. I added Plutarch's life of Pericles, ALcibiades, Cimon, and Nicias to it and was able to produce the chart below, using UCInet. It shows the various K-Core clusters and as the chart gets smaller, the people who are left are the most important in Pericles's circle.  

I have submitted an article for publication that I wrote in the summer of 2014: 

Pericles as Primum Movens:

The Controversy over the Fifth Century BC Periclean Building Program

as a Case Study of Innovation Diffusion, Social Network Analysis, and Actor-Network Theory



In this article, we begin with a discussion and introduction of Athens in the mid-fifth century BC, at the time that Pericles introduced his innovative building program, which included public debate over the construction of the Parthenon, still visible on the Acropolis today, and other buildings. We proceed from there to apply Social Network Analysis and Actor-Network Theory, so as to view not only society at that time, but specifically Pericles’ social network and the process of diffusion of innovation, which culminates in the acceptance of his proposal and the creation of the Periclean building program that has come to be viewed as the centerpiece of the “Greek miracle.”

That is the tantalizing abstract for a very weighty article, 56 pages double spaced. I'll let you know when it comes out.