University Seminars

At GWU, as Director of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, I had the honor of managing the University Seminars from 2014-2016. Established in 1986, the University Seminars are a competitive funded program in the Provost's office that supports faculty interdisciplinary collaborations around a theme. The seminars get on average $2500 and are not for credit. Primarily faculty and DC community members participate in round-tables, performances, lectures, symposia, and other formats to bring greater understanding and often a research plan to fruition. There are 13 such seminars funded for 2014-15. Below are two charts that map the diversity of the faculty from all the colleges and schools that are participating in these projects.

These charts are called sociograms, produced by conducting a social network analysis using Nodexl.



In the sociogram above, the different colors are associated with different schools at GWU. The red lines are links from faculty who are in the same school to the projects in which they are involved.




In the chart above, the light blue diamonds are the different schools and colleges at GWU; the red squares are the seminars, and the blue circles are GWU faculty.

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Digital Humanities

Because I use Social Network Analysis to study ancient Greek history, I am part of the Digital Humanities. I am a member of  GWU's Digital Humanities Institute and held a THATCamp in April, 2014. I teach a course for History majors called Digital Humanities and the Historian, and I am also involved in a MeetUp group called Digital Cultural Heritage D.C

I wrote a blog for Biblical Archaeology Today that can be found here: